3 Apps for Perfect Instagrams

We all love it and use it: Instagram. But have you ever seen those perfectly edited photos with just the right filter and crop that make them, well, pop? Sure you have! And here are three apps to help you take your Insta-game to a whole new level.

  1. Afterlight – This app does a little bit of everything.. Contrast, highlights, lowlights, filters, and even cute frames (Hearts or stars around your BFFs? Easily done!). Favorite features: manual adjustment for just-right photos and the ability to select the intensity of your filter. It may be $0.99, but it is by far one of my most used apps and you can download it here.
  2. Instasize – Did you take an awesome group shot, but not everyone fits in the confine of the square crop? Don’t fret — that’s where Instasize comes in handy! Never again will you have to choose who to crop out or hide your panoramas in the depths of your Camera Roll. In addition to its main feature, Instasize also helps to make collages, add fun borders, and even some filters. The app is free and available here.
  3. Over – Want to add some fun text on your picture? Maybe some fun design elements like arrows, curly-q’s, and lines? Then check out Over! A very cool app to use, especially for bloggers sharing info about recent posts (hint hint!). It may be $1.99, but it is definitely worth it. You should totally check it out.

Need more proof? Head over to my own Instagram and you’ll see tried-and-true use of all 3 of these amazing apps.


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