Boston on Twitter

In all honesty, almost all of my news comes from Twitter. Local, national, and world news all finds its way onto my Twitter feed. But for my fellow Bostonians, here is my list of Twitter accounts you should be following to stay up to date on all things happening in the Hub.

BOS (2)

  1. @BostonTweet – Doesn’t everyone already follow Tom O’Keefe? If not, he’s got your back on all things food, beer, and events in the area. He’s also the founder of the #DownloadBoston movement to bring awareness to startups and innovation in the city.
  2. @BostInno – With a focus on tech, business, city life, and higher education, BostInno covers almost every demographic of Boston. See what the area’s universities and business are up to with their tweets!
  3. @BostonDotCom – is a go-to website for events and local news, so why not follow their Twitter account?
  4. @BetaBoston – All things innovation come through this Boston Globe owned site. Only launched a little over a month ago, Beta Boston is quickly taking its place in the Twittersphere with relevant and interesting start-up news.
  5. @NotifyBoston – This account run by the Office of Constituent Engagement is perfect for those who want to know about road closures, changes in trash pick-ups, and other need-to-know information for city-living.
  6. @BostonCalendar – Another account run by, but based solely in upcoming and currently-happening events in the city. Great for the summer months when the Hub comes back to life with farmers markets, outdoor concerts, and festivals!
  7. @RedSox – You just have to follow them. Seriously, just do it.

What other accounts do you follow to stay up-to-date with all things Boston?


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