App of the Week


I’m excited to start sharing my favorite apps every week! However, this week I couldn’t pick just one.

This week’s app(s) are for everyone who has been frustrated on a Saturday night coordinating friends, rides, and checks. Here’s to hoping these 3 apps can simplify your night and ensure good eats and good times!

1. Tab

By far, this is one of the most helpful apps for dining with friends! Simply take a photo of the check, enter in everyone’s names, select who got what dishes (including splitting apps or entrees!), select how much tip you want to leave, and the app will give you the exact amount each person owes! Saves a lot of time and frustration trying to do math on your iPhone calculator.

2. OpenTable

Need a last minute reservation? Worried about getting a table for you and all your friends? OpenTable to the rescue! With over 20,000 restaurants on the app in North America, you’ll surely find your favorites or even a new restaurant to try!

3. Uber

Is this one self-explanatory? Getting home is wicked easy with Uber. Log on, request a ride, and pay instantly with your linked debit or credit card. You can also split the fare with friends!

FYI: Google Maps has now integrated Uber into it’s app. Talk about useful!



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