Flywheel First-Timer

Okay, so this wasn’t my first cycle class, but it was my first time at Flywheel. I had past it a few times in the Prudential Center and read an article or two about it, but I finally buckled down and signed up. Plus, the first class is free!

(Photo via Boston Magazine)

But here’s what you should know, before you agree to “Never Coast”:

Before the class..

Download the app! It’s a very simple to use. Create your account, go into your Dashboard, and click on “Reservations” where you will see the class schedule for each location. Once you click the class time you want, you’ll see a chart of the Flywheel classroom and which bikes are open. Each bike is assigned a different number (which makes things so much easier!).

Once you’re there..

You can check in either on your iPhone, at the front desk, or at one of the iPad kiosks set up. Once checked in, find your bike number on the shoe cubby where the staff has already set aside your cycling shoes in your size (awesome!).

The amenities at Flywheel are also quite impressive. The bathrooms are fully stocked with bobby pins, hair ties, breath mints, face wipes, and more — perfect for all your pre- and post-workout needs! I always forget hair ties, so this came in handy for me. There’s also a wall of lockers and a whiteboard where you can write your name and locker number, because we’ve all which locker we stuffed our bags into at the gym before, right? And if you need a refill for your water bottle, you have the option of room temperature, chilled, or cold water all on tap!

The class!

One of the best things about Flywheel is the room setup. With stadium-style seating, each bike has a perfect view of the instructor podium front and center in the room. Once the class gets started, the lights are lowered with only the glow of your own bike monitor and the spotlight on the instructor lighting up the room. This is perfect for me, because I am definitely guilty of watching the other people in the class and getting distracted from getting the workout that I need.

I can’t remember the last time I sweated that much! The music was pumping popular pop songs and remixes, the instructor was incredibly motivating and fun, and the whole room seemed alive! But if you’re looking for that extra push of motivation, you’ll love the Torqboard — a leader board of who’s going the hardest in the class overall or the instructor may set it up for 30-second to 90-second “races” between all of the cyclers in the room.

After class..

Okay, okay.. I know I love apps, but the Flywheel app just keeps getting better and better! Once your class is over, your stats from the workout are sent straight to your phone! See your mileage, speed, calories burned, and class ranking. The information is stored to your account so you can track process down the road. Personally, in my first 45 minute class I biked nearly 20 miles and burned about 700 calories!

Highly recommend it!

All in all, it was a fun and motivating environment with an absolutely killer workout! If you’re interested, check it out! The first class is free and individual classes are $25. But, big shoutout to my fellow collegians, their student class price is $15! They also offer other deals for monthly passes or class sets.

And don’t forget..

(Image via Pinterest)


One response to “Flywheel First-Timer

  1. can’t wait to try this when i get back in june…thanks girl!

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