New Bike On The Block!

My new bike is finally here and assembled (at last!). I bought a new single speed fixie from —  a nice Dawes steel frame. I’ll spare you all the details, but let’s just say it’s pretty awesome.

Today, I took it out for it’s first ride up and down Commonwealth Avenue before taking a stroll through the Common.

20140523-225352-82432125.jpgIt’s great to have a bike to get around Boston since it is such a compact city. I can easily get from campus to Haymarket for the farmer’s market and then head over to Cambridge for lunch or coffee (this is one of my favorite ways to spend Saturdays in the summer).

But now I’m making a list of new bike accessories I want to get my hands on! Here are some must haves (and a few just for fun) bike accessories to check out:

  1. Bern Brighton EPS with Visor Helemt | $59.99
  2. Annex iPhone 5/5S Bike Mount Kit | $59.99
  3. Firebox 6-Bottle Bike Bag | $59
  4. Knog Boomer USB Rechargeable Light | $39.95
  5. Pedal Pushers Ride Boston T-Shirt | $21




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