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What should have been a relaxing week easing back into classes was, well, not.

I’ve had the week off from my internship, something I was grateful for as group projects started to ramp up and the close of the semester is approaching way faster than it should. But for some reason I haven’t been able to shake this uneasy anxiety. Maybe it’s the sleeping in that’s making me feel like I am missing a huge chunk of my day. Or maybe it’s just the approaching departure date that is taking me from Boston to California.

Whatever it may be, I’ve just been trying to chug along. Clean my room to feel extra tidy, kick up my workouts a notch, spend extra time with friends and workout buddies.. But the best thing I think that has come from this week was a Meet the Author talk at my university.

Rebecca Pacheco, yogi and author of Do Your Om Thing, visited our campus on Wednesday afternoon to talk about her book that brings light to the traditions of yoga and how they can weave an important part in modern life.

Now, I’m not saying I’m a big time yoga buff or anything. I try to go to classes at my local studios a few times per month and do at-home practice in my dorm room a couple times of week. I haven’t mastered a headstand, but can hold crow pose (bakasana) pretty well. I’m also only 50 pages or so into Rebecca’s book, but let me just say it has opened my eyes to thoughts of life and contentment that I hadn’t realized before. Overall, I love my life. I have had hardship, but from that have had great accomplishments, too. Yet there always seems to be a missing bit of understanding for who I am at my core. Isn’t that odd? I am who I am, yet I don’t really understand how or why that makes me… me.

I’ll have more updates later on about what I thought of the book as a whole, but if you practice yoga, even semi-regularly, I’d recommend you check out Do Your Om Thing. If nothing else, it will hopefully give you new perspective and appreciation for your time both on and off the mat.

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