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Home is Not a Place

Holidays never used to be hard for me, but the longer I’ve been in college, the more I’ve missed the idea of “home”. The other day, as my boyfriend took off for his hometown for Easter weekend, I started scrolling through my phone searching for pictures of Arizona. I haven’t been to that home of mine since December 2013. But as I was scrolling, I started realizing that home is what you make of it and who you fill it with.

So, this… well, this is my home..

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And every day closer to California and my final co-op makes me worry more and more about moving away from these wonderful people and this amazing city. For the first time since I was 18, I won’t be living in Boston. It’s only 6 months away, but my heart is already starting to break at the thought of leaving these for half a year.

I’ll always love this place, these people, and the memories they’ve all given me.



This past Saturday was the World Wide Instagram Meetup! With each IGers community across the globe hosting their own events in cities large and small, photos were flying across feeds! Here in Boston, the @igersboston community hosted us at the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Instagram Boston group in front of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Now, this was my first Instagram meetup of any kind. Luckily, I was able to tag along with my dear friend Hannah. With a turnout of 150 Instagrammers, there were plenty of photos to take and creativity to share.

Check out this recap from the @igersboston website and see my favorite images from the event below!

Those who do not move do not notice their chains

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One last one from yesterday //#MFABoston #IGersBoston_WWIM11

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Thank you so much, @igersboston, for the amazing day of adventuring.

Making + Granting Wishes

Make a wish

The team with our lil’ Darth Vader! It was a gorgeous day for a BBQ on the dock.

Memorial Day with my team was an extremely special one thanks to one little Husky / Darth Vader. For the annual team fundraiser, we banded together and put our efforts towards raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our goal? Sponsor one child’s wish. With the average cost of a wish being about $7,000, we knew we had a challenge ahead of us. But, in the end, we raised over $10,000 to sponsor a trip to DisneyWorld for our little friend and his family as well as help in the efforts to make a wish come true for another child.

To celebrate our new friend and Husky fan, we took him out for a ride on the coaches’ launch, he got to sit in the coxswain seat, and it all culminated in an epic Star Wars battle and BBQ! It was an absolutely perfect send-off for the IRA National Championships (the family even made us a sign to take with!).

This team is a humbling group to be a part of. Their strength, on and off the water, is astounding.

I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day, too!

New Bike On The Block!

My new bike is finally here and assembled (at last!). I bought a new single speed fixie from DirectBikes.com —  a nice Dawes steel frame. I’ll spare you all the details, but let’s just say it’s pretty awesome.

Today, I took it out for it’s first ride up and down Commonwealth Avenue before taking a stroll through the Common.

20140523-225352-82432125.jpgIt’s great to have a bike to get around Boston since it is such a compact city. I can easily get from campus to Haymarket for the farmer’s market and then head over to Cambridge for lunch or coffee (this is one of my favorite ways to spend Saturdays in the summer).

But now I’m making a list of new bike accessories I want to get my hands on! Here are some must haves (and a few just for fun) bike accessories to check out:

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