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Friday Favorites

This week has been weird. Everything’s been a mix of exciting opportunities and on-and-off sickness. Let me share just a few of my favorite’s from this past week.

Over The Creek by George Ezra | George Ezra, you slay me. There were a few days where I had to grind out a ton of work and his songs were on repeat in the background. Namely, this one.

Understand the Difference Between Internship, Co-op | I’m tooting my own horn on this one a little bit.. Earlier this week, U.S. News & World Report interviewed me about the differences between co-ops and internships.

52 Reasons to Run a Marathon | I find out if I got a bib for the Chicago Marathon later this month… So, marathons have been on the brain.

Photo of the Week | This Monday’s #DestinationDeck group shot from November Project was one of the best, because it proves we’re all just a bunch of kids. Can you find me?



Small Steps

In December 2014, I was experiencing severe pain from running. It seemed like it had come out of nowhere one day. I ran one half marathon in the first weekend of December, so proud of a new PR, but hobbling about thinking I had strained my ankle. Ankle pain moved to knee pain which, soon enough, turned into my entire left leg shrouded in aches every time I attempted a run.

My doctor diagnosed me with a stress fracture in the hip (that’s possible?!) and I was sentenced to at least 8 weeks of no running whatsoever.

Now, I had only just begun to consider myself a runner going into my third half-marathon. I don’t know why, but it took me a while to accept that I am an athlete. And this break away from running took quite the toll on me.

But I received great news at my follow up appointment this week — I’m cleared to run again! I’ll have to start small, with only a couple miles every other day, but the running plan we’ve come up with to get me back on track has me more feeling more confident in my ability to properly train (and race!) as a runner.

So, to ignite some extra motivation, I’ve been looking back at pictures from my three half-marathons and thinking about going after my ultimate goal… a marathon.

Dave and I at my frist half-marathon, the B.A.A. Half, in October 2014. I raced another two half-marathons in the following 8 weeks.